Auto Micro Entreprise V2



This module allows to separate its sales selling products and services. The decomposition shows the month, quarter and year. In addition, a table provides an estimate of its expenses in real time. Rates (products / services) URSSAF contributions are adjustable by the user. Essential for self-business, very useful for micro-enterprises and interesting for all types of businesses.

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66,00 €


Module version: 3.7.2
Editeur/Licence: / GPLv3
Langage interface: French
Assistance: mail (see the file README)

Dolibarr min version: 3.3.2
Dolibarr max version: 3.8.x

/! Note update from previous version /!
-------------------------------------------------- ---
If you perform an update of the module from a previous version,
please, in the configuration dolibarr, disable it before module
follow the installation procedure below.

Download the archive file of module (.zip) since website
Place the file in the root directory of Dolibarr.
Unzip the zip file, for example with the command

The module is then available and activated in the dolibarr configuration.