Management of split invoices on orders



This module lets you optimize the management of split invoicing by automating the adjustment of invoice quantities based on previous orders and invoices.

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Management of split invoices on orders

➦ Editor : Inovea Conseil
➦ Version : 1.0.0
➦ Compatibility : 18.x
➦ Languages : FR EN

Module description

This module is designed to simplify and improve the order invoicing process, particularly in the context of split invoicing. By taking into account invoices already issued in connection with an order, this module offers precise management of remaining quantities to be invoiced, avoiding the common errors associated with manual invoicing.

Key features :

  • Balance invoice creation: A dedicated button automatically updates the quantities of products and services to be invoiced, taking into account previous invoices, including those generated from a shipment linked to the order.
  • Enhanced product and service management: Provides an enhanced version of the product and service table on the invoice creation page, based on order-related billing history.

Whether you're managing the invoicing of a multitude of orders, or looking to optimize existing invoicing processes, this Dolibarr module is perfect for increasing efficiency and reducing errors!


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