Quotation Tracking (automatic and manual) 7.x - 13.x



Manage your commercial reminders and pilote your commercial activity through this module: proposals to re-launch,  re-launch monitoring,  ... Do not miss out customers ! Create easily and quickly reminders by e-mail or letters with as many different templates as you need. Create automatic or manual reminders. One click is enough to follow-up all current quotes to your customers.

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Quotation tracking (auto and manual) vauto

Compatibility with Dolibarr : auto to auto
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Detailed description of the features :
The module allows you to create emails or reminder letters for your quotes. The creation is done automatically, individually or massively to go even faster!
You can specify a date for a next reminder and a widget on the home page allows you to track your commercial activity with the next reminders to realize.

Reminders Templates: You create as many templates as you want.

Automatic mode: you define the email to send and the delay before or after the due date of the quote. The module will automatically send the email to your prospect, along with the quote.

Massive mode: You check the quotes to be followed-up, choose the reminders mode (mail or email) and the template to use and in one click all of your reminders are done.

Individual mode: You create a reminder directly from a quote or a third party and choose the type (email / mail) and the reminder template to use.

A table allows you to follow the status of the reminders. Tracking is also available from each Third Party and Quote sheet.

Technical details :
All the opened proposals are included in the list.

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- Put the file into the root directory of Dolibarr.
- Uncompress the zip file
- Module or skin is then available and can be activated.

You can also use the dedicated tool in Dolibarr Setup (available since Dolibarr 6).

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