PDF Template Invoice/Shipment Total Alcohol Calculation



Package of two files: PDF template based on Espadon that allows generation of shipping templates with total alcohol calculation + PDF template based on Sponge that allows generation of invoice templates with total alcohol calculation

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Module version: auto
Publisher/Licence: Basix IT GmbH / GPL-v3
User interface language: Customizable
Help/Support: Mail to [email protected]

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## Installation PDF templates:

- Copy the file pdf_alcinvoice.modules.php to /htdocs/core/modules/facture/doc/.

- Copy the file pdf_alcshiping.modules.php to /htdocs/core/modules/expedition/doc/.

- Make an entry in the database:

INSERT INTO llx_document_model (nom,entity,type) VALUES ('alcinvoice',1,'facture');

INSERT INTO llx_document_model (nom,entity,type) VALUES ('alcshiping',1,'expeditions');

- Activate the "alcinvoice" PDF invoice template under Home->Setup->Module/Applications->Invoices->Miscellaneous->PDF invoice templates and, if desired, tick the Default box.

- Activate the PDF delivery template "alcshiping" under Home->Setup->Module/Applications->Shipments->Shipment and, if desired, check the Standard box.

## Optional settings PDF templates:

In the invoice template, from code line 175 to 180 can be set:

- Optionally change text and width of columns "Alc. %" and "Alc. L."

- Optionally change text in totals for row with total pure alcohol amount

- Optional hiding of the Pos. column

In the delivery note template, code lines 146 to 152 can be set:

- Optional change of text and width of columns "Alc. %", "Alc. L." and "liter/bottle"

- Optional hiding of the Pos. column

## Creation of extrafields:

- Create extrafields under Home->Setup->Module/Applications->Products->Additional Attributes

- Adopt values from screenshot_product_extrafields.png

- Attribute code and type is important for the functionality and must be specified as in the screenshot. The other values can theoretically be adjusted.