LoginPlus for Dolibarr allows you to customize the login page and display personalized messages when users log in. It also offers a maintenance mode to carry out maintenance operations on your site and block access to non-administrators.

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Description :

LoginPlus is a powerful tool that allows you to customize Dolibarr's login interface according to your needs.
With this module, you can add personalized messages to welcome users when they log in.
You also have the option to enable a maintenance mode to prevent access during system maintenance periods.

This module offers complete flexibility in terms of customizing the connection interface.
You can change the style, colors, images and even add your own logo to reflect your business identity.
It allows you to create a unique and professional login experience for your users.

LoginPlus is easy to use and configure, you don't need any technical skills to use it.

Compatible with the “Two-Factor Authentication” module from the “Houssin” publisher on the dolistore
Compatible with OpenID Connect and Google Oauth logins

Version : 2.0.0
Demonstration : demo.progiseize.fr
Editeur / Licence : Progiseize / AGPL v3
  • Minimum supported version of Dolibarr: 13.0.x
  • Maximum version: 19.0.x
Progiseize declines all responsibility in the event of improper handling by a third party.
Support : [email protected]
Langages :
  •  French
  • English
Installation :
  • Download the module archive file “module_loginplus-x.y.zip” from the dolistore.com website
  • Use the module deployment tool integrated into Dolibarr to upload files
  • Activate the LoginPlus module
Updates :
  • Procedure :
    Access to updates for our modules is free for 6 months (182 days) from the date of purchase on the Dolistore.
    Before any update, make sure that the module is officially compatible with the version of Dolibarr on which you wish to install it.