Factory, computer assisted manufacturing (CAPM/CAMM) for Dolibarr



Factory is the Dolibarr CAM (Computer aided manufacturing) module. Factory enables products composition, manufacturing planning and completes the Dolibarr native products global management. Determination of the composition, direct or indirect manufacturing (production orders), internal or external, in large or small series, related stock movements, composition variations.

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50,40 €

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Module version : 5.0.+1.6.0
Editor/Licence : Charles BENKE/ GPL v3
Language : fr_FR en_US es_ES
Online presentation : www.patas-monkey.com
Documentation : User guide
Demonstration : Demonstration website
  Login : demo
  MdP : demo
PDF presentation : PDF presentation
Support : Contact form
Prerequisites : Dolibarr min version : 3.7.X
  Dolibarr max version : 5.0-RC
Installation : Download the zip file from dolistore.com
  Unzip the folder in the root directory of your Dolibarr (/htdocs/)
  Module can then be enabled, set if necessary and used.
  If online payment on dolistore.com is not available from your country : http://www.patas-monkey.com/index.php/en/menu