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The "Total Weight Quotation" module displays the total weight of the products added to the quotation on the quotation entry screen.

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→ Éditeur : iouston - / AGPL

→ Version du module : 1.01

→ Compatibilités : Dolibarr 3.6 - 14.x.x

→ Langues :

→ Assistance technique : per ticket from Monday to Friday

→ Documentation : Disponible en ligne

→ Démonstration : on line, with login : demo and password : demo

→ Description détaillée :

  • The module for dolibarr "Total Weight Estimate" makes it possible to display on the screen of seizure of the estimate the total weight of the products added to the estimate. This module thus allows you for example to calculate outside dolibarr the delivery costs.
  • Note, the total weight of the estimate does not appear in the generated files
  • The total weight can be expressed in different units.
  • If a product is added to the quote and its weight is not known, an alert pictogram will attract your attention. This is not blocking for the next edition of the estimate.
  • If you add a free product, an alert picto will also be automatically added.
  • From now on, the module also allows to display/modify the weight of the products on the orders