InfraSPack Plus v7



The InfraS Plus pack brings all the advancements of the basic InfraS pack plus the complete management of Extra Fields, the addition of customs information for export, the choice of text color, and more ...

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Version : auto
Publisher / Licence : Sylvain LEGRAND / GPL v3
languages :
  • English English
  • Spanish Spanish
  • French French
Support :
Prerequisites :
  • Dolibarr
    • Minimum version : auto
    • Maximum version : auto
Installation :
  • Download the module's archive file (.zip) from the web site
  • From version 7.0 of Dolibarr you can install our modules more simply from the tab "Install / Deploy a module" in the modules page
    • Otherwise, for previous versions of Dolibarr: unzip this folder in the directory /htdocs/custom of Dolibarr
  • The module may
    • be activate (Switch Off)
    • parameter (Setup) if needed (from configuration page of the module)
    • and use

More informations (folder activation /custom, CoreChange, Compatibility limits...) if dowloading user guide (FR French)

Ressources :
Update :
  • Availability :
    • Our modules include a feature that lets you know quickly if you have the latest version and what features these updates contain..
  • Procedure :
    • Access to the updates of our modules is free for 365 days from the date of purchase on Dolistore
    • Before updating, make sure that the module is officially compatible with the version of Dolibarr on which you want to install it
    • From your order history: select the order concerned, then in detail under "Product" you have the link to download the latest version. The version number on the link is your original purchase but the downloaded file will be the last version of the package


Other modules might interest you
The InfraSSearch module brings many improvements to basic search functions :
  • exhaustive search including extra attributes (extrafields) in all types of items available in one request.
  • a page dedicated to the presentation of the results.
  • direct links to the selected element whatever it is.
  • complete replacement of the standard tool for thorough ergonomics.
The InfraSTime module brings many improvements to projects management :
  • Direct, simplified access to user time entries.
  • Clear recording of times spent per task on projects.
    • Observations can be recorded.
  • Direct creation of expense reports (lunch / trips) by simple check box.
  • 2 input modes are available :
    • Individual: each user enters their past times.
    • By team: a team leader enters the time spent for the current day for him and the team members assigned to the same task on the same site.
  • 1 page of report of times recorded by user (or for all) with filter by period and export for HR.
The InfraSupPrice and InfraSupPrice v8 modules brings to the basic purchasing chain the rapid update of supplier rates:
  • From an order or supplier invoice
    • No more need to open each product sheet one at a time
    • As you choose the lines concerned, there is no risk of an exceptional tariff being registered as an ordinary purchase condition
The InfraSTechInfos module makes it easy to read technical data from products present in the current document:
  • such as dimensions, surfaces, volumes or weights.
  • product by product.
  • including totaling surfaces, weights and volumes.