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Find at a glance which customers / prospects and suppliers are in the same geographic area as a third party. Organize your trips and save time and money!

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➦ Editor : Inovea Conseil
➦ Version : auto
➦ Compatibility : Dolibarr auto - auto
➦ Languages : FR EN

Module description

From a third party file or next to the third party name on all Dolibarr files, you will be able to access a Google Maps map representing the third party concerned and all the other third parties of the database which are nearby. Filters are used to refine the third parties to be displayed on the map (type of third party, category, current estimate, unpaid invoice, etc.). In the module configuration, you can specify the default viewing radius (in kms).


The configuration of this module requires many settings in Google APIs. This is not easy and requires knowledge. Support is possible (additional service). Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


  • You will find attached the module documentation
  • Documentation (FR )


Purchase includes :

  • User guide
  • Access to 6 month updates
  • Corrective maintenance in the event of a proven malfunction

Purchase does not includes :

Support & Assistance Inovea Conseil

If you notice a malfunction of the module, access the support link below with all the information necessary to process your request :

  • Module version and Dolibarr version ?
  • Detailed problem encountered: when does it occur ?
  • How to reproduce it ? (with screenshot)

Remember to read the user documentation before sending us a request ! You may find your answer there.

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