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Use Dolibarr in your warehouse: multiply your productivity both in the warehouse and in administration. Mobilid can do Stock management, order picking, order receiving, order creating and many more. All done on a barcode terminal or other mobile Android device connected to Dolibarr. Eliminate warehouse errors and eliminate wasted time with this module.

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LogoMobilid Vauto By Z-Application

Module specification

Publisher/Licence Z-Application / GPLv3
User interface languages English / French / Dutch / Italian / Spanish / German
Help/Support Documentation / Mail to [email protected]
Demo Mobilid


Dolibarr min version auto
Dolibarr max version auto
Android min version 4.4


Before buying, please try the demo by installing the free Mobilid Android app from google play and test the default demo connection. (enter a text of your choice in the identification field and press the back button). The google play app for Android 9+ requires a certified https:// connection to your dolibarr, please contact if you need a APK version for http://. Also if your devices do not support google play please contact for apk download.
Go into menu Home - Setup - Modules - Deploy an external module and submit the module zip file.
Module 'ExtDirect' is visible in list of modules and can be activated and configured.

Optional features 'Dispatch', 'Purchase' and 'Exit Stock' are included for one user, a code to reveal the features will be send after your purchase.


Easy management of products - orders - third parties on small screen devices.
Management by automatic barcode reading, no need for search fields.
Various ways to scan barcodes. With the camera for occasional scans.
  With a bluetooth handheld for regular scans.
Check here for compatible devices. With an integrated barcode-reader terminal for intensive scans.
Stock corrections.
Stock transfer between warehouses.
Suitable to use many warehouses.
Batch/serial management compatible.
Add the barcode.
Add product photo.
Gather customer order products in the warehouse.
Create shipments.
Gather manufacture order products in the warehouse.
Edit or create customers with their sales conditions.
Create - edit - validate orders.
Grant global discount.
And many more...

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