Automatic invoices reminder, goal: 0% unpaid invoices (without doing anything)



If you're tired of having the phone trace on your ear after contacting customers who aren't paying their bills, you've come to the right place. Let automatic invoice reminders do the job...

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Goal: 0% unpaid invoices, without doing anything.

  Publisher: Libre Master
  Licence: GPL

  Module version: auto
  Compatibility: Dolibarr auto - auto
  Languages: FR GB ES
The module has been translated by a professional (not this page).

Annoyed to see your unpaid bills?

You have already kindly followed up him by email but you are looking at his phone number for long minutes with your thumb close to the fingerprint sensor of your cell phone hesitating to call it?

Not sure if the manual reminder can be perceived as pushy or not?

Can't concentrate on your work because that overdue bill is occupying your mind all day?

This module takes care of everything.

I know what it’s like to have a "nice" temperament. We think we have done our job well but some customers never pay if we don't follow up with them.

Why do some customers not pay?

  • The bill is not high enough!: Some customers, because the rate is too low, do not see it as a priority to pay the bill.
  • They procrastinate (reason number 1 I think): Once the problem is resolved or service rendered, they do not pay, they are moved on and kept forgetting to pay.
  • They have no appreciation for the work done and hope not to pay you: They don't plan to call on you again.
  • The customer has an administrative department in charge of payment which operates at its own pace. The idea is to make them understand that it is you who insists on being paid according to what is agreed at the start.
  • They try their luck, maybe you won't dare to claim non-stop.

How can you get paid then and above all, without being emotionally involved?

Use several methods, possibly one after the other:

This module is made to intervene as a first or only method, if your customers read their email regularly (don't buy it otherwise). It will take care of the automatic process but if this method still does not work, you can send one (single) reminder automatically to an assistant or a collection company who can take care of the difficult cases.

Keep raising until he pays:

I know it may seem very insistent but it works but only and only if the beginning of the message begins with a sentence like "This message is an automatic reminder."
Above all, it must be clear that the message was indeed sent by an emotionless robot.

You must space out reminders according to how often your customers are reading their emails. and taking into account possible payment transaction times.

It is necessary to alternate the content of the messages, the number and frequency of repetition. The first messages must be in a gentle tone and change gradually, evoking the intervention of a bailiff/lawyer.

If you need to interrupt a reminder of an invoice, simply change its payment deadline.

How not to pay for this module ?

  • Method 1: I offer this module for free with my dedicated web hosting for Dolibarr (I have been managing online servers for years, according to the rules of the art). The hosting is dedicated, Dolibarr kept up to date, secure and backed up.
  • Method 2: this module is an investment, it is not a charge. After the successful collection of invoices and the time saved by not dealing with the problem, this module will "pay off" very quickly but in the other direction ! $$$ :-)



In case of technical problem, contact support and detail your environment as much as possible: version of Dolibarr, web hosting, screenshots, etc.

This module does not include the configuration of your reminders. If you want to delegate the configuration, contact support to obtain one-off intervention packages.



Patch and rolling updates are offered for one years after purchase.

Module updates for versions of Dolibarr that are too old (more than 3 years ago) will be abandoned. So remember to keep your Dolibarr up to date. (The support can help you with updates or other things if necessary).

This module is not for you if:

  • You prefer to manage customer follow-ups manually from the start.
  • Your customers rarely or not read their emails often enough.