Free Text in proposals, invoices and shipping note



Enter free text in offers, invoices, shipping notes. Select "Free text" from the drop-down menu and write as much text as needed. Price, VAT and unit of measure will be disabled. Make sure you enter a numeric value in the price field if units of measure are enabled, to avoid negative value errors. Use the cyan_libero and sponge_libero templates for the module to work properly.

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150,00 €

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Publisher/Licence: Vetim Kqiku - Albadream Engineering / GPL-v3
User interface language: English
Help/Support: None /

  • Dolibarr min version: auto
  • Dolibarr max version: auto

Install (For Dolibarr v9+):

  • Go into menu Home - Setup - Modules - Deploy an external module and submit the zip file
  • Module or skin is then available and can be activated.



With this module you will be able to insert free text in the body of your offers, invoices and shipping notes. Simply select the "Free text" parameter from the drop-down menu of free text elements and enter all the text you need. The price, vat, unit of measure columns will be automatically disabled and your text will occupy the entire space.

If you have units of measurement enabled, remember to enter any numeric value in the price field, otherwise you will get a negative value error.

This form uses an exact copy of the CYAN template for quotations, SPONGE for invoices and ERATOSTHENE for shipping notes.

In order to use the module correctly you need to enable and use the cyan_libero, sponge_libero and eratosthene templates.


Want to test the module?


Please visit:


Username: demoerp


Password: 6TaosR0EQY3a