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The BMD Export module for Dolibarr enables you to export incoming invoice data in the form of a CSV file specifically tailored for the BMD system utilized by your company. This module facilitates the seamless transfer of invoice information to the accounting department, streamlining the invoice processing procedures.

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Title: Optimize Your Accounting with the BMD Export Module for Dolibarr

Publisher/License: GuTeS SET GmbH

User Interface Language: English + German

Help/Support: [email protected]

Discover a new way of accounting with our BMD Export Module for Dolibarr. Specifically designed for the BMD system in Austria, this module allows for easy export of your accounting data in the form of a CSV file. It is your gateway to smoother and more efficient accounting.

Easy Configuration: To configure the export process, you simply need to create the following fields:

  1. Name: These fields include satzart, wearung, gkonto_at, gkonto_eu, gkonto_div, steuercodr_at, steuercode_eu, steuercode_div, buchcode, email, tage, pdf.
  2. Value: Each field has a value that can be customized based on your company's requirements. If the PDF field is set to "1", you will receive an email with PDF invoices in a zip file, along with a CSV file. If the PDF field is set to "0", you will only receive the CSV file.
  3. BMD Header: The fields gkonto_at, gkonto_eu, and gkonto_div are referred to as "gkonto" in the BMD header. The fields steuercodr_at, steuercode_eu, and steuercode_div are referred to as "steuercodr". Additionally, the fields buchcode, email, tage, and pdf are included in the BMD header.

Once all the fields are set up correctly, you just need to set up a cron job in Dolibarr to automate the email reception. For this, you will need the file "csvKonverter.class.php" located in the BMD module and call the method "konvertiere".

Support and Updates: With the purchase of our module, you will receive free updates for one year. If you require specific changes or customizations, please don't hesitate to contact us through the platform or our website. Our team is ready to assist you, discuss your specific requirements, and provide you with tailored solutions.

The BMD Export Module for Dolibarr is your solution for seamless integration of accounting data into the BMD system. It offers an efficient and user-friendly solution for data exchange between Dolibarr and BMD. Simplify your accounting today with our BMD Export Module for Dolibarr.