Quick deposit



The quick deposit module for dolibarr allows you to generate the deposit invoice from the payment

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60,00 €

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→ Éditor : iouston - www.iouston.com / AGPL

→ Module version : auto

Compatibility : Dolibarr auto auto

→ Language :

→ Technical assistance : per ticket from Monday to Friday

→ Documentation : Available online

→ Demonstration : online, with login : demo and password : demo

→ Detailed description :

The dolibarr module "quick deposit" allows you to easily and quickly create a deposit invoice from a payment from your customer.
To do this, from the estimate :

  • Indicate the amount including VAT of the payment
  • Indicate the VAT rate
  • Indicate the date
  • Indicate the type of payment and its number
  • Indicate the account to be credited
  • Indicate a wording on the invoice using a pre-recorded wording
  • Customize this label from the module configuration using replacement tokens
  • Or customize this label directly when entering the invoice