HRM-PRO: Advanced Solution for Human Resource Management System, Complete Human Resource Management Module in Dolibarr ERP, Contains 10+ Sub-Modules.

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  • Editeur: NextGestion
  • Version du module: 3.3
  • Compatibilité: Dolibarr 6.0.0 - 19.0.*
Description & Fonctionnalités
- Manage employees hired within the company via our HRM-PRO system instead of the classic Dolibarr interface;

- Manage the presence and absences of your employees;

- Manage production incentives;

- Follow the rewards of your employees;

- Manage the misconduct of your employees;

- Follow the investigations and terminations of your human resources via our HRM-PRO system;

- Manage leave requests, delays, absences and exits for each person within your company;

- Manage requests for salary advances for each employee;

- Track complaints and resignations of your human resources through our system;

- Edit and generate the payslips of your employees (after having introduced the salary rules of your country);

- Generate your company's payroll situation, based on all your employees' pay slips;

- In addition to all this, our advanced HRM-PRO solution for the human resources management system contains the following options: Module settings, advanced filters on all the features present on the module, Excel and pdf exports to generate reports or situations ready for printing.
The new V4 version of Module includes the following updates:
- Compatible with the latest version of Dolibarr 15.0.*
- Compatible with Multi Company Module version
- Fixed annoying error: CSRF protection and not provided token
- Fast loading of Module files.
If you order our module you benefit from:
- free installation and configuration assistance
- free help in case of bug or module malfunction
- the addition of new functionalities or options specifically adapted to your needs.
==> You want to develop a module on Dolibarr adapted to your business activity, send us your need or specifications by email: [email protected] our consultant will respond to your request.

    1. Télécharger le fichier archive (.zip) sur
    2. Dézipper l'archive dans le répertoire /htdocs/custom de dolibarr.
    3. Le module peut alors être activé (), paramétré () si besoin depuis la page de configuration des modules et enfin utilisé.
Mises à jour et disponibilité
Les mises à jour correctives du module seront publiées sur le dolistore.
We are available for any questions.
If you have a problem with the operation of the module, please give us detailed information so that we can understand and reproduce the behavior.
Email: [email protected]
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