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The Decision Support STATISTICS (DSS) module allows you to evaluate your situation, it consists of several performance indicators at given times or over given periods, to help you make your future decisions well.

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Module version: 1.0.2
Publisher/Licence: SYSCLOUDMAROC / GNU General Public License 3.0 +
User interface language: English / Français
Help/Support: [email protected]


The STATISTICS module, offer you multiple features that help you to assess your situation:

Turnover Tracking: is a feature that allows you to see your turnover as different charts, among ofit:

• A chart shows the turnover by product category and also another by product
category in each year.
• Chart of top 5 products and also you can see the list of all the products ordered by
the turnover rate.
• Top 5 loyal customer to your business.
• … etc.

A Sales Tracker: is a feature that allows you to track the number of sales made each year in the
form of a bar graph, and a graph that will present you the type that makes more sales, plus a
graph that shows which category of (Product or Service) that makes more sales.

Purchase Tracking: Is a feature that allows you to track your purchases made for each year and
also allows you to know which category of (products or services) most purchased by you.

Business Tracking: Is a feature that let you know how many business proposals made each year
and also how many proposals accept or decline or else charged, and also using this feature you
can know top customers who accept your business proposals.

Track Stock/margin: Is a feature that allows you to control your stock without breaking down,
and also you can know the margin of each product to track your gain.

In each feature:

• It has a print option that allows you to print your statics as PDF
• A filtering by date to track your statics in a period of your choice.
• An option that allows you to customize the display, you can choose which graphs
you want to see in your page.

If you order our module you will benefit of:

• Free installation and configuration support.

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1. Download the file (.zip).
2. In Home > Modules/Applications > Deploy/install external app/module, import file
3. Click on « upload ».
4. Then in Home > Modules/Applications activate the module « STATISTIQUES».


All the updates and corrective changes of our module will always be available on Dolistore.

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