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Our module dolibarr customer outstanding allows you to better follow the outstanding of your different customers

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→ Éditor : iouston - / AGPL

→ Module version : auto

Compatibility : Dolibarr auto auto

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→ Technical assistance : per ticket from Monday to Friday

→ Documentation : Available online

→ Demonstration : online, with login : demo and password : demo

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Natively, Dolibarr allows you to indicate from the customer file of the third party, the amount of authorized outstanding. The outstanding customer balance is calculated as the sum of validated customer orders and unpaid customer invoices, minus the available customer credit notes (down payments, credit notes, discounts).

With this module you can :

  • Visualize on one page all the outstanding amounts of your customers with the amount of the authorized outstanding amount and the amount of the current outstanding amount
  • See in red, which are the customers who exceed the amount of the authorized outstanding amount, from the customer's file and from the list of outstanding amounts
  • You can access the details of the outstanding customer
  • You can tolerate an overrun on the order, with the display of an alert message or block new orders that exceed the outstanding amount
  • If you are using the multi-company module and you share the third parties between your companies, you can obtain the global outstanding amount of the customer on all the companies
  • This function will also detail the receivables of this customer for each entity in the WIP detail
  • You can calculate the outstanding amount for a group of companies. The module is based on the Siren number which is common and by defining an authorized outstanding amount at the level of the parent company
  • The outstanding amount calculated takes into account orders for which invoicing has begun