Quotation from the machining detail



The module is used to calculate the price of a product from a manufacturing plan (machining), then it adds this product to your commercial proposal.

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Quotation from the machining detail

Version: 1.1
Compatibility: Dolibarr 4.x - 16.x
Languages: FR EN ES DE
Last update: 06-06-2022
Licence: AGPL

What is this module for?

The module is used to calculate the price of a product from a manufacturing plan (machining), then it adds this product to your commercial proposal.

- This module is created and maintained following a long follow-up and consulting with companies whose business is machining and manufacturing products from known basic shapes:

- Round Bar
- Square Bar
- Flat Bar
- Round Tube
- Square Tube
- Tube

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With this module you declare your machine park: [Machine, cost / working hour].

The materials you work with: Bronze, Aluminum, Iron, Steel, Wood, etc.

There you go, you can calculate the price of your product and add it to your current quote in the blink of an eye.

How to use the module

After installation go to the administration page:

1. Add your machine park.
2. Add the materials you are working with.
3. Create your business proposal.
4. In the New line from a newly created working plane block select From this working plane.
5. Give your product a name, Select the basic shape and fill in the parameters.
6. Add your machines with the expected workload (hour:minute).
7. Add your external vendors as needed.
8. Give a profit margin.
9. Click on add (as you do to add a product.
10. ET VOILA, your product line is added, A private note is created per product to summarize the calculation done.

Online demo:

Link: Demo link

French Demo
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Password: demo123demo234

English Demo
Login: demo1
Password: demo123demo234

The demo includes all our modules with functional permissions for the logged in user.
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Purchase includes:

  • Email Support
  • Maintenance in case of functional bugs of the module
  • Maintenance in case of technical bugs of the module
  • Lifetime Access to updates

Purchase does not include:

  • Help with configuration and installation of the module
  • Training in the use of the module

Technical support

If you notice a technical or functional malfunction, please contact us at: Technical support

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