Peppol XML - facture electronique



(from wikipedia : PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is a set of specifications maintained by the OpenPEPPOL non-profit organisation with the aim of standardizing cross-border, electronically supported procurement procedures. It features, among other things, electronic invoicing. With that plugin your dolibarr could produce PEPPOL invoices !

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150,00 €

More info

Module version: auto
Publisher/Licence: Eric Seigne / GPL-v3
User interface language: English

  • Dolibarr min version: auto
  • Dolibarr max version: auto

Install :

  • Go into menu Home - Setup - Modules - Deploy an external module and submit the zip file
  • Module or skin is then available and can be activated.

Configuration and documentation (in french):

In summary:

  • activate the module
  • configure the module
  • re-generate an invoice, the XML file is available

Note: If you are looking for the electronic invoice format for France / Germany it is another dolibarr module: FacturX by CAP-REL


  • Implements the Peppol XML / BIS Billing format valid in Europe.
  • Confirmed by many Belgians who use it to import dolibarr invoices into WinBooks.

Advanced Features:

  • An option offered in the configuration of the module allows you to "force" the creation of the XML file even if your customer does not have a VAT number (required to comply with the Peppol format), left to your discretion it can help you standardize your document flow management in case you have customers not subject to VAT and you still want XML files.