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Sendinblue V2 for Dolibarr



This module allows to use Sendinblue (Cloud mailing) with Dolibarr. Your mass mailing campaign can be setup in Dolibarr and go trhougt Sendinblue.This module allows you to manage your marketing campaigns from Dolibarr using Sendinblue for the management of shipments and the creation of your templates.New version of the module, compatible with Sendinblue API v3 replacing API v2.

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  Publisher : ATM Consulting
  Licence : AGPL
  Module version : auto

  Compatibility : Dolibarr auto - auto
  Last update : 20/06/2022 11:50
  Languages : FR GB


It allow you to :
- create e-mailing campaigns on Dolibarr ;
- easily transfer the Dolibarr contacts related d to this emailing solution ;
- viewall the campaigns on Dolibarr.

New fonctionnalities of the v2 module :

  • Compatibility with API v3 of SendInBlue (API v2 no loger available)
  • New feature on the campaign list to create an e-mail campaign from a campaign.
  • New trigger ensuring the deletion of the DolSendinBlue object attached to an e-mail campaign when the latter gets deleted.
  • New buttons to add new recipients
  • Various fixes to ensure compatibility with Sendinblue API v3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Important: If Dolibarr is installed on a MySQL or MariaDB database using InnoDB Antelope engine, some characters, especially emoji, can't be correctly stored. This is neither a Dolibarr bug, nor a SendInBlue module bug, but a limitation of the MySQL/MariaDB data storage file format. As these characters are frequently used in e-mailing campaigns, we recommend installing Dolibarr on a MySQL or MariaDB database using the InnoDB Barracuda engine. Otherwise, you will not be able to synchronize campaigns with emoji encoded directly in UTF-8 (those encoded as HTML entities can be saved).

Do you use Mailchimp ? ATM Consulting also offers a connector to this emailing solution !



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  Functional corrections of the module.

  Please note that the training and help with the installation are not included.



  Corrective module updates will be published in the Dolistore.
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