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DoliBTP v2 is a specialized module for construction businesses. It offers multiple vital features to help you manage your activity: progress invoices, works, contract amendments, construction project setup and tracking.

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  Publisher : ATM Consulting
  Licence : AGPL
  Module version : auto

  Compatibility : Dolibarr auto - auto
  Last update : 15/05/2024 15:45
  Languages : FR US


What the module does : 

  • Project management
  • Invoice management
  • Construction project monitoring and creation
  • Management of sub-totals in your quotes/invoices/orders

Including the following modules :

  • BTP
  • Nomenclature
  • Subtotal
  • Doc2project
  • DiscountRules
  • Abricot

We strongly recommend 1 to 2 days of coaching to get the hang of the module (880 € per day at a distance). Do not hesitate to contact us here.



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  Access to module updates.
  Functional corrections of the module.

  Please note that the training and help with the installation are not included.



  Corrective module updates will be published in the Dolistore.
To update your module, remember to download the new .zip file.   To update your module, remember to download the new zip file.

  Updates are available for 1 year starting from the module's purchase date from Dolistore.

  Before any update, please make sure that the module is officially compatible with your Dolibarr version.




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