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The module dolibarr "Mass Price Category" allows you to easily and quickly update the price of your products by combining the categories on which you want to intervene.

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→ Éditor : iouston - / AGPL

→ Module version : auto

Compatibility : Dolibarr auto auto

→ Language :

→ Technical assistance : per ticket from Monday to Friday

→ Documentation : Available online

→ Demonstration : online, with login : demo and password : demo

→ Detailed description : 

  • The dolibarr "mass price category" module is a powerful and practical module that allows you to update the selling prices of your products and services by combining the following categories
  • This module can combine instructions based on the categories of your products to make mass price changes.
  • You can combine instructions with the AND operator and the EXCEPT operator.
    For example, you can easily update all the products of the category "Boards" EXCEPT those of the sub-category "Oak boards".
  • You can also update the prices of all products in the category "Laptops" AND "Tablets" EXCEPT "Asus laptops".
  • This module offers an infinite choice of combinations according to your categories
  • The module allows you to set a fixed price or to make a percentage variation.
  • Even better, the module records the changes in the rates charged and allows you to go back in case of an error!