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The La Réponse module allows its users the creation of articles / documentations within DOLIBARR.

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Module version : auto
Compatibility with Dolibarr auto à auto



The Answer module allows its users to create articles/documentation within DOLIBARR.


H2G2 must be installed beforehand for all our modules :

  • Bookmarking,
  • The creation of directory tags,
  • Change an article from public to private status and vice versa (A private article will be visible only to its creator),
  • Switch an article to web mode, allowing it to be visible by external users to Dolibarr,
  • Import and export of articles for different entities,
  • Integration of the mermaid tool to add schemas to articles,
  • The possibility to comment a published article,
  • The management of access rights for the management of articles.


What's new 

  • Link your article to third parties


  • Search by article content


the installation of H2G2 is required for all our modules :



Included in the Dolistore offer:

  • Access to updates for 6 months
  • Bug fixes

Not included in the offer :

  • Help with the installation and initialization of the module
  • Training for use

Our Code 42 modules :

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Download the module archive file
Go to the menu :
Submit the zip / The module is now available and can be activated.


Download the new .zip file
available on the Dolistore module sheet following an update.

Our modules are not yet compatible with PHP 8