Automatic management fees



The module dolibarr "Automatic management fees" allows you to automatically add products or services to your quote, your order or your invoice according to a certain threshold.

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→ Éditor : iouston - / AGPL

→ Module version :auto

Compatibility : Dolibarr auto auto

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→ Technical assistance : per ticket from Monday to Friday

→ Documentation : Available online

→ Demonstration : online, with login : demo and password : demo

→ Detailed description :

  •     The module for dolibarr "Automatic management fees" allows you to automatically add a product or a service on your quotes, orders and invoices.
  • The configuration of the module dolibarr allows you to add these file fees, or these management fees according to a single tariff that you define.
  • You can also add several products or services automatically. Useful for example to add systematically a product on an order during a given period.
  • Automatic management fee also allows you to dispense some of your customers by specifying it in the customer's file. Thus, some of your customers can be exempted from the automatic management fees even if the amount of their order is below the defined threshold.
  • Now you can exempt a specifique invoice, a specific quotation or a specific order