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This module allows you to automatically generate a complete commercial offer, by compiling the various attached PDF documents and the estimate itself. You can also add a summary, your Terms Of Sale and present everything with a graphic charter applied to all pages.

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Complete commercial offer

➦ Editor : Inovea Conseil
➦ Version : auto
➦ Compatibility : Dolibarr auto - auto
➦ Languages : FR EN

Module description

The module allows you to generate the complete commercial offer PDF by compiling:
- A self-generated cover page with quote information, according to defined graphic charter OR your own cover page (defined in module admin)
- A self-generated summary (if option activated)
- The quote made
- PDF documents attached to the quote
- Terms of sales at the end

For each commercial offer, the module allows you to choose the display order of the different documents in the final PDF generated (with the exception of the cover page which will always be in 1st position, the summary always in second position and the CGV always at the end). The generation of the summary is done thanks to a name which is given for each PDF document added to the estimate, to the order chosen for the documents and to the automatic pagination calculation.

New: Personalize your documents with your images!


  • You will find attached the module documentation
  • Documentation (FR )


Purchase includes :

  • User guide
  • Access to 6 month updates
  • Corrective maintenance in the event of a proven malfunction

Purchase does not includes :

Support & Assistance Inovea Conseil

If you notice a malfunction of the module, access the support link below with all the information necessary to process your request :

  • Module version and Dolibarr version ?
  • Detailed problem encountered: when does it occur ?
  • How to reproduce it ? (with screenshot)

Remember to read the user documentation before sending us a request ! You may find your answer there.

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