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Advanced Human Resources Management - HRM - All In One 6.0.0 - 13.0.0



The "Advanced Human Resources Management - HRM" module is a module that integrates with the Dolibarr HRM module, it allows you to: 1- Attendance Management 2- Bonuses 3- Complaints 4- Warnings 5- Resignations 6- Terminations 7-Vacations 8- Recruitment Management 9- CV Management 10- and Contract Management jobs: CDI, CDD

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  • Editeur: NextConcept & NextGestion
  • Version du module: 2.0
  • Compatibilité: Dolibarr 6.0.0 - 13.0.0
Description & Fonctionnalités
Description & Features
The "Advanced Human Resources Management - HRM" module is a module that integrates with the Dolibarr HRM module, it allows you to:
- Presence Management
- Premium Management
- Complaints Management
- Warning Management
- Resignation Management
- Termination Management
- Vacation Management
- Recruitment Management * 1
- CV library management * 2
- Contract management: CDI - CDD - Apprenticeship - internship contracts ....

* 1- The Recruitment Module for Dolibarr allows you to Manage:
1- Job offers or positions that you need
Publish job offers or the positions you want to create within your company, and follow the application process in Kanban mode (Recruitment in progress, Recruitment made reliable, Recruitment stopped ...)
2- Applications
Track all of your candidates (personal information, professional information, manage each candidate's score,
follow the application process in Kanban mode: Initial qualification, First interview, Second interview, Contract proposal, Signed contract ...
3- CV and Letters database management
Manage absolutely everything from the application, thanks to the CV and Letters sub-module you can create your own database of CVs and cover letters for your applications.
4- Automatic indexing and advanced searches
Thanks to the advanced search sub-module you can easily find candidates already indexed in your database according to several criteria that you are looking for a profile.
* 2- Thanks to our tool you can generate all the CVs of your employees and classify them or use them in your calls for tenders.

Write your CV in 3 simple steps.
Perfectly write CVs of your employees with our CV creator from Dolibarr, in just a few steps.
1. Enter your personal data
First enter your personal data and any additional contact data that you wish to communicate. You can also add a photo or additional data, for example your marital status, your driver's license and your profiles on social networks and all this in the user management interface of Dolibarr.
2. Introduce your experiences.
Then, continue writing your CV by introducing your studies, your professional experience, your skills, your Certificates, your Main Qualifications and your knowledge of languages, the Professional training courses followed, the internships carried out, your personal profile as well as other experiences. you want to include on your CV.
3. Select a model & Download the CV
To complete your CV, select an appropriate layout from a range of professional CV templates designed. You have the choice between more than 3 different models of CV and colors. Then you can download your CV in the selected template, in pdf format. Nothing's easier!
4. Advanced CV search:
Thanks to the advanced CV search function, you can easily find your candidates who meet the conditions of your choice.
If you order our module you benefit from:
- free installation and configuration assistance
- free help in case of bug or module malfunction
- the addition of new functionalities or options specifically adapted to your needs.
==> You want to develop a module on Dolibarr adapted to your business activity, send us your need or specifications by email: [email protected] our consultant will respond to your request.

    1. Télécharger le fichier archive (.zip) sur
    2. Dézipper l'archive dans le répertoire /htdocs/custom de dolibarr.
    3. Le module peut alors être activé (), paramétré () si besoin depuis la page de configuration des modules et enfin utilisé.
Démonstration Mises à jour et disponibilité Les mises à jour correctives du module seront publiées sur le dolistore.
Support We are available for any questions.
If you have a problem with the operation of the module, please give us detailed information so that we can understand and reproduce the behavior.
Email: [email protected]