Thirdparties deduplication 7.x - 16.x



Module allowing to see duplicates of ThirdParties present in the database and to deduplicate them easily.

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Thirdparties deduplication

➦ Editor : Inovea Conseil
➦ Version : auto
➦ Compatibility : Dolibarr auto - auto
➦ Languages : FR EN

Module description

The module allows you to display the list of duplicate third parties detected in a dedicated menu. In order to search for duplicates, the module makes it possible to define the fields to be compared (example name of the company). Several fields are possible and cumulative: Id number, name, address, city, telephone number, VAT number, ... The interface presents a list of duplicate third parties in the form of a list, presenting various information for each one allowing to choose which one to keep and which one to merge. Example of information: Name, address, status, number of quotes, number of invoices, date of last event on the third party, etc. A button allows you to choose the third party to keep and will merge the second with.


Depending on your version of MySQL, you will have the option - or not - of adding multiple criteria. Optimal functionment from version 8 of MySQL. Below, you will have to choose the deduplication criteria one by one. We can help you if you need (additionnal service). Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


  • You will find attached the module documentation
  • Documentation (FR )


Purchase includes :

  • User guide
  • Access to 6 month updates
  • Corrective maintenance in the event of a proven malfunction

Purchase does not includes :

Support & Assistance Inovea Conseil

If you notice a malfunction of the module, access the support link below with all the information necessary to process your request :

  • Module version and Dolibarr version ?
  • Detailed problem encountered: when does it occur ?
  • How to reproduce it ? (with screenshot)

Remember to read the user documentation before sending us a request ! You may find your answer there.

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