Related products



this module allows to select additional products when adding in customer proposals, orders and invoices.

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Related products


  Editor : Altairis
Licence: GPL V3
Dolibarr : from 10.x.x - Older versions
Languages : French, English



Related products allows the definition of complementary products and services to another and their automated suggestion of addition in commercial proposals, customer orders and invoices.

The user maintains control over the destination of the associated products: confirmation or not of their addition, modification of quantities, discount, etc.

Simplify your life and don’t forget any product to advise your customers.

Add several products at once to your documents (propals, orders, invoices) from a selection to be configured on each product.

  1. Configure your related products from the product card, "related products" tab :
    • add the products you want to associate with it ;
    • see if a product is associated with other products ;
    • quickly copy a configuration of related products to another product. For each product, you determine :
    • if it is required for proper operation (such as an ink cartridge for a printer).
    • the default quantity (eg 2 sets of default ties would be required for a curtain rod).


  2. Simply add your related products to your current document. On your quote (or order, or invoice), you add the "parent" product. When you click on "add", a pop-up shows you the related products that you set up in step 1, to sell with the selected product. For each line presented, you define:
    • the desired quantity
    • a possible discount
    • do not forget to check the "add" box at the end of the line. Only the products for which the "add" box is checked will be added to the document.






The purchase of the module entitles you to one year of corrective maintenance. This corrective maintenance does not include usage help or user support , but only the correction of bugs, subject to the correct use of the module and within the framework of compatibility with the used version of Dolibarr .

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Installation and update


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Download the .zip archive of the module.
  • Manual deployment:Unzip the archive in the /htdocs/custom directory of your dolibarr installation.
  • Assisted deployment:Upload the archive directly to your Dolibarr from Configuration> Modules / applications page, tab Deploy / Install an external module.

The module can then be activated (/) and configured ().

Before any installation or update, make sure that the module is officially compatible with your version of Dolibarr.


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