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Web Agency Re-invoicing Domain Name and Hosting OVH



Create a better customer customer experience and build customer loyalty by providing additional service. Quickly and efficiently, re-invoice OVH services (domain names, hosting, servers, etc.) to your customers.

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900,00 €

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Why did we decide to develop this Dolibarr module?

In our web agency, we are aware that we have to manage our customers and their domain names. It would however be simpler for customers to manage this themselves, but the technical nature makes this task misunderstood by many customers who end up forgetting to renew their domain names or to choose the hosting offer that is unsuitable for their needs.

As a service company, we decided to offer our customers this service. By simplifying the lives of our customers, we also simplify our lives, as it avoids the technical problems of domain name loss and the loss of all the basic tools in our work.

Apart from the technical aspect and the often risky management by the customers, there is a real commercial interest to propose the management of the domain name and the lodging to our customers. This is not because we have named domain names and accommodations above the market price, but that's not what we've said about large margins, but because it helps keep a contact with the customer. We send him at least every year his invoice and we remind him that we are there. In addition, it is the opportunity to intervene on the possible improvements on its website, GDPR, its SEO is down, an aging design. This loyalty work allows, the day the customer is solicited by another company to keep the customer loyal. He does not forget us.

Of course, you can easily change domain names and accommodations, but when the volume becomes larger and larger, then it becomes easy to follow. This product is not a cost of management, has not increased the price. The comparison of domain names and hosting names is quickly made by the customer, with a high starting price, the risk of losing your credibility with the customer is great. That's why we have developed this tool, which allows you to quickly and automatically purchase all your OVH names (domain name, hosting, vps, dedicated, etc.). In addition, it is a subscription management system.

So this tool, although very technically advanced, offers a large number of interoperable tools, is not a transcription software, it is an essential software in a good customer loyalty strategy 'effective tool for working every day.

With this tool and of course a good use of it, you will gain:

- customer loyalty

- improving your satisfaction and that of your customers, because you will have better tools

- profitability, car your management will be fast




On the module's home page you will see your current version of the module and the most recent online version.
You will also find a link to contact us in case of problems.

This module allows, via recovered OVH invoices, to charge the services (accommodation, dedicated servers,
domain names, etc.) to customers. You can link multiple services to an invoice and link domain names to customers.
When you have imported OVH invoices, you will be asked to validate them.
There are three main services: VPS, domain names and various (everything else). You can assign each service to one or more customers.

An annual subscription system is also set up where you describe the billed services.
Then you can link these subscriptions to customers. Thus, if several customers benefit from the same subscription,
you only need to create the subscription once and link it to the relevant customers.
You can generate new invoices and see the list of old invoices generated.
In the list of generated invoices, you will be able to view the invoice details and see
the description of all services invoiced. If you click on the invoice link, then you will see more details.


Informations for developer

Module version: 2022.01
Publisher/Licence: Newave / AGPL
User interface language: French


  •     Dolibarr min version: 6.0.*
  •     Dolibarr max version: 14.0.*
  •     Required module: OVH (Import invoices, SMS, Click2Dial ...)


  •     Download the archive file of module (.zip file) from web site DoliStore.com
  •     Put the file into the root directory of Dolibarr.
  •     Uncompress the zip file, for example with command 'unzip module_facthebdom-2019.01.zip'
  •     Module is then available and can be activated.

The module was developped with the Object technology and is in agrement with the Dolibarr's way to make plugins.

For any technical questions, please contact [email protected]

ChangeLog :

    1. 2019.09

  • bug fixed that may cause the image of the plugin in the menu was not displayed.
  • bug fixed that may cause some company not showing when attributing subscriptions.
  • bug fixed when initializing the module that may cause some tables in database not creating.

    2. 2020.02

  • added a new column in 'generated invoice' details : 'Buying Price'
  • added a link to see the customer on bills details
  • added a link to see the project on bills details
  • bug fixed that may cause archived bills to be displayed when it doesn't have to
  • bug fixed that may cause some dates not to be well displayed

Comercial information

 For any help or support :

  •     Phone : +32 04 287 09 51
  •     Mail : [email protected]
  •     Our website : newave.be
  •     Module price : 1080 €
  •     Installation : 300 € (optional)
  •     Formation : 300 € (optional)