Due customers (Monitoring customer payments)



Track customer payment details

Allows you to generate a PDF table of invoices remaining due by customers (or a specific customer), on a given date.
Allows to display the remaining amount owed by customers on the Dolibarr home screen
Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aOJIox8OlI
IMPORTANT: Unlimited access to updates offered
Technical support: [email protected]

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Customer Due (Customer Payment Tracking)

  • Version: auto
  • Languages: FR EN ES
  • Compatibility: Dolibarr auto - auto
  • Publisher: Joliciel

The Customer Due module

  • Allows you to track customer payment details;
  • Generates a PDF table of 'remaining due' from customers;
  • Displays outstanding amounts owed by customers on the Dolibarr home screen.

A demonstration will allow you to better understand the interest of this module for your business management.

Comes with my order

  • The module installation file download link module_customersowed-x.x.x.zip
    which also includes the guide user ;

  • Free access to all future updates of the module;

  • Free access to support by email;

  • Access to corrective maintenance.

How do I install my module?

  1. Download the installation file
  2. Click on the Home menu;
  3. Click on the Configuration menu;
  4. Click on the menu Modules/Applications;
  5. Click Deploy/Install Plugin;
  6. Click the Browse button;
  7. Click on the file you downloaded (step 1);
  8. Click the SEND FILE button.
Your module can then be activated in the modules page.


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