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The Dolibarr Human Resources Management Pack contains the following modules: 1- Recruitment module Dolibarr 2- Resume Generator E-CV Module - Professional Resume 3- Advanced HR Management Module (Pointing, medical records, CNSS, Payroll ...) 4- Employee Documents Module.

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  • Editeur: NextConcept & NextGestion
  • Version du module: 4.0
  • Compatibilité: Dolibarr 6.0.0 - 13.0.0
Description & Fonctionnalités
The Dolibarr Human Resources Management Pack contains the following modules:

1- Dolibarr Recruitment Module:
The Recruitment Module for Dolibarr allows you to Manage: 1- Job offers or positions that you need within your company. 2- Candidates: Track all your candidates 3- Manage your own database of CVs and Letters 4- Automatic indexing and advanced searches of profiles already candidates.
2- Resume Generator E-CV Module - Professional Resume
Create your modern and professional resume with E-CV. Our resume generator is the N 1 reference tool for creating creative, professional and multilingual CVs via Dolibarr. Choose your favorite model from our modern and fully customizable selection and generate your CV in PDF format.
3- Advanced HR Management Module (Pointing, medical records, CNSS, Payroll ...)
Below are the elements included in this module Advanced HR Management: 1- Staff Score 2- Medical records 3- Employee advances
4- CNSS of employees
5- Payroll Management
6- Global Recap
7- Charges / month
8- CNSS status
4- Employee Documents Module.
"Employee Documents" is a useful tool that can help you store and manage employee-related documents such as certificates, appraisals, passports, licenses, and more. The app also allows you to set an alert message when you expire / at any other related date
If you order our module you benefit from:
- free installation and configuration assistance
- free help in case of bug or module malfunction
- the addition of new functionalities or options specifically adapted to your needs.
==> You want to develop a module on Dolibarr adapted to your business activity, send us your need or specifications by email: [email protected] our consultant will respond to your request.
    1. Télécharger le fichier archive (.zip) sur
    2. Dézipper l'archive dans le répertoire /htdocs/custom de dolibarr.
    3. Le module peut alors être activé (), paramétré () si besoin depuis la page de configuration des modules et enfin utilisé.
Démonstration Mises à jour et disponibilité Les mises à jour correctives du module seront publiées sur le dolistore.
Support We are available for any questions.
If you have a problem with the operation of the module, please give us detailed information so that we can understand and reproduce the behavior.
Email: [email protected]