Third-party form auto-fill for french companies (Pappers API)



This module allows you to query the Pappers API for french companies informations, and auto-fill the "third party" form.

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Automatically pre-fills third-party create/modify form. A new field is added above the form. When a company name is typed into this field, a search on the website is performed. The user is the able to click on a search result to auto-fill the third-party form fields.

Without an API Key

This module works out of the box without an API key, but some data (including the VAT number) will not be available. The module will use all data available from the search results. Any other informations will require an API key.

The Pappers website allows up to 100 searches per day per IP address (quotas are applied based on the users' IP addresses)

With an API Key

Creating an API Key is free and allows up to 100 requests per month before requiring a paid subscription. This module only uses one request after the user has clicked on a search result.

The API key must be set-up in the module's configuration, and quotas to the API key are applied instance-wide.


Module version: 1.0.1

Editeur/Licence: Pierre Couy / GPL-v3
Langage interface: French
Assistance: By e-mail to [email protected]

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