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The Dolibarr Subtotal module allows you to easily integrate subtotals on your quotes, orders and customer invoices or on your supplier orders and invoices

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→ Éditor : iouston - / AGPL

→ Module version : auto

Compatibility : Dolibarr auto auto

→ Language :

→ Technical assistance : per ticket from Monday to Friday

→ Documentation : Available online

→ Demonstration : online, with login : demo and password : demo

→ Detailed description :

A subtotal is a grouping of several lines of a customer quote, a customer order or a customer invoice which allows to facilitate the reading of the document and to give intermediate totals

This module has many additional functionalities:

  •     Unlimited number of subtotals on a document
  •     Nesting levels of subtotals defined in the module configuration
  •     Possibility to define predefined texts to call when editing documents
  •     Possibility of identifying these texts by color.
  •     Define title and subtotal title
  •     Easy and quick customization of predefined texts
  •     Possibility to move the whole block by click and drag
  •     Move the whole subtotal block according to the line numbers and other subtotals of the document (very useful in large documents)
  •     Possibility to change the range of products and services of a subtotal (if our range change module is installed)
  •     Copy an entire subtotal block directly into another document
  •     Delete the entire block and the rows it contains in one click
  •     Get the margin information for each subtotal (if margins are enabled and according to your rights)
  •     Fold/unfold the subtotals in one click to keep a clear and comfortable working area
  •     Leave the subtotal block unfolded regardless of the pdf options selected (allows you to mix the display of the block details)
  •     Increase or decrease by one level each present subtotal block   
  •     Display a summary sheet by subtotals at the end of your pdf document
  •     Display only titles and subtotals on the pdf
  •     Display by default the titles and the articles without the price list on the pdf
  •     Display by default title and subtotal on the same line on the pdf
  •     Default pdf export option configurable and compatible with multicompany
  •     Default pdf options available for each item type: quote, order, invoice
  •     Simple and easy setting of background color, text color, fat, underline and itaic for each subtotal level
  •     Different formatting possible between the choice on the screen and the rendering on the pdf, to keep a comfortable working environment
  •     Possibility of reversing the color and background color between the subtotal title and the subtotal itself for aesthetic and professional documents.
  •     Add page breaks after a title line or subtotal line
  •     Automatic grouping of your document by block: assign your products and services to a grouping and reorganize your entire document in one click (for example: Supply, Service, Transport)
  •     Ability to shift all blocks by one level in one click.