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  • sms77

    Send SMS and make Text-To-Speech calls via Germany based gateway provider sms77.

  • Fatture Fornitori ITA (FREE) v. 1.2.1

    Module for the italian market. Italian description: Versione FREE del modulo. Permette la gestione della ritenuta d'acconto e dell'esenzione IVA all'interno delle fatture fornitori secondo la normativa italiana. Aggiunge alle singole righe delle fatture fornitori 2 campi: - Aliquota Ritenuta d'acconto - Esenzione IVA Troverete anche "ritenuta d'acconto"...

  • Todo list for customer - Free version

    Use this module to add a todolist to your third parties.

  • Doli Reset

    This modul can delete all generated documents in Dolibarr documents folder and delete all data (DROP tables) from the database. You need to be an administrator to access this feature

  • KingAvis

    Send your customer opinion requests to KingAvis directly from your Dolibarr invoices

  • Apricot

    Framework used for most of ATM modules. This module must be installed in Dolibarr to allow the modules which depend on it to be used. After download, it must be unzipped, and the contained file must be renamed apricot and placed in the htdocs/custom directory of Dolibarr.

  • Shipment Package

    Create final shipping packages to handover to transporter.

  • OCR - ScanInvoices

    OCR module to import supplier invoices

  • Project's Budget Report

    The Project's Budget Report is a convenient way to track your budget for each project.

  • Easynotes

    Note taking to help you capture and prioritize ideas and share with with your colleague. You could also see all your notes for your projects and tasks at the same place.

  • SMS Decanet

    SMS Decanet allows you to send SMS to your contacts very simply. You can customize the sender number with an alphanumeric one (by example, you can send a SMS from "DECANET"). SMS price start from 0,05€/sms

  • AWStats 8.0 - 15.0.*

    Add, into menu, screens to read statistics compiled with AWStats log analyzer.

Showing 61 - 72 of 787 items