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  • 180,00 €

    Connector that allows you to synchronize clients, services and reservations made in booking and manage them through dolibarr the services, staff and clients must be made in booking and these will be refreshed automatically in Dolibarr

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  • 199,99 €

    All your mailboxes are available in Dolibarr! Mailboxes can be linked to a user or group of users. The main advantage is that you can associate an email to one of your clients, companies. You will therefore be able to access all of your correspondence when you consult your client, third-party or project file.

    199,99 €
  • 238,80 €

    Mit dem Modul können Sie eine XML Datei mit allen für DATEV benötigten Buchungsdaten erstellen. Diese Datei kann mit der Schnittstelle "Belegtransfer" in „Unternehmen Online“ von DATEV importiert werden.

    238,80 €
  • 240,00 €

    Export accounting data from Dolibarr as journals for accounting software integration.

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  • 252,00 €

    Electronic billing for the Spanish public administration

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  • 299,00 €

    Exchange your invoices with your customers and suppliers in EDIFACT format. EDI is used by all large companies. This module allows sending and receiving invoices.

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  • 348,00 €

    ECommerceNG is a synchronization module between Magento and Dolibarr. Easy to install and setup, a lot of objects and directions are supported. Some in real time, other by a manual action. Take a look at full description for full list of feature.

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  • 349,00 €

    Exchange your orders with your customers and suppliers in EDIFACT format. EDI is used by all large companies. This module allows sending and receiving orders.

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  • 359,99 €

    Payment by bill of exchange: adds a method of payment with payment on the current date or prepayment according to the banking agreements. This method of payment is used by all major companies.You become master of your receipts, moreover you can get paid in advance by the bank for a percentage: a good way to consolidate its cash.

    359,99 €
  • 360,00 €

    Adds the ability to perform electronic invoices according to the regulations Argentina . Minimal modifications to the CORE. Any cuestion [email protected]

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  • 396,00 €

    DoliFex El Módulo de Facturación Electrónica Para Dolibarr en Chile Nuestro módulo de Facturación Electrónica está diseñado para tener un completo control sobre la generación de DTE y la emisión de sus libros electrónicos en Dolibarr, a la misma vez mantiene un enlace relacionado entre cada documento emitido o recibido, está integrado a tu ERP en un 100%.

    396,00 €
  • 399,00 €

    Hôtel Réservations : * Contrôler les réservations * Gestion des clients * Générer des factures ultra rapidement ! * Historique de chaque réservation (équipe) * Paramétrage des chambres, états de réservation, vos produits ...

    399,00 €
Showing 109 - 120 of 121 items