Fast Product - CODE 42



Allows you to create products or services directly in the Sales Proposals, Sales Orders and Invoices interface.

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Fast product

Create your products in less than 3 seconds



Module version :  auto

Compatibility with Dolibarr auto à auto


 The Fast Product module allows you to create products or services directly in the sales proposal, sales order and invoice interface.  Create your products in no time while filling in the major information of a product.

  When creating a quick product, the following fields must be filled in:
type of object to create (Product/Service)
  • ref
  • Status (On sale/Off sale)
  • Status (In purchase/Out of purchase)



  • Url
  • Price (HT/TTC)
  • Supplier
  • Supplier reference
  • Supplier price
  • Attached files
  • Value of the barcode
  • Type of barcode


Find from now on the possibility to add a quick product on your Dolibarr supplier orders.

By activating the feature, your default accounting codes are added to your products/services.



Fast product type interface :



A video presentation is available by clicking below.

Illustration YTB vidéo

The installation of H2G2 is necessary for this module:





Included in the Dolistore offer:

  • Access to updates for 6 months
  • Bug fixes

Not included in the offer :

  • Help with the installation and initialization of the module
  • User training

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Download the module archive file
Go to the menu :
Submit the zip / The module is now available and can be activated.


Download the new .zip file
available on the Dolistore module sheet following an update.


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