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The 42 Library module allows you to add a PDF template for sales proposals.

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42 Library


Add PDF template


Version du module :  auto
Compatibilités avec Dolibarr auto à auto



The module 42 library adds a new Pdf template to Dolibarr in the module sales proposal. This template brings additional pages:

  • A cover page with an image,
  • a customer requirement page,
  • a page with a financial table (optional : Requires the installation of the ATM Consulting Subtotal module),
  • A page where you can find the pdf(s) added to the product sheet.

 In the explanation below, we have enabled all the options.


On page 1:

We find the added image, the name of the third party for which you carry out the estimate, its logo if you informed it in its card and the date of generation of the estimate.

Page 1 proposition commerciale


On page 2:

We find the customer need that was entered in the field present in the commercial proposal.


On page 3:

You can find the financial table as well as the signature part at the bottom.

Requires the installation of the ATM Consulting sub-total module


On page 4, you will find your quote.

On page 5 or more, you will find the pdf(s) added to the product sheet (option concatenate pdf linked to the product).

The installation of H2G2 is necessary for this module:



Optional installation: To benefit from the financial table page, you must first install Subtotal for this module.




Included in the Dolistore offer:

  • Access to updates for 6 months
  • Bug fixes

Not included in the offer :

  • Help with the installation and initialization of the module
  • User training

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Download the new .zip file
available on the Dolistore module sheet following an update.


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