MBI Up2pay ETransactions



MBI ETransactions module allows you to use Crédit Agricole E-Transactions secure online payment solution.

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Module version: auto
Publisher/Licence: MB Informatique / GPL-v3
User interface language: English, French
Help/Support: [email protected]

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MBI ETransactions module allows you to use Crédit Agricole E-Transactions secure online payment solution.

Demo : https://demo.mbicloud.fr 




- Drop the folder ‘mbietransactions’ in htdocs/custom or use the option ‘Deploy/install external app/module’ in the list of modules.

- Activate the MBI Etransactions module which is now in the list of modules and change the module setup according to your needs.


- The module adds an "Internet card" (CBI) payment method. If this payment method is chosen for an invoice, a payment link is generated as well as an image with the customer's phone number, called "Trust image", and an "Internet payment" button which redirects directly to the payment page.


- When sending the email with the invoice, a second customizable email is automatically sent with the payment link and the trust image if desired.


- If the payment is successful, the invoice automatically switches to paid and an email is sent with the paid invoice.


- The module also adds an extrafield "Advance amount" allowing to request an advance and to pay only part of the invoice amount.


- Another extrafield "Payment in x times" also makes it possible to pay in two or three times, the invoice amount is then divided into two or three equal parts, each payment will take place one month after the previous one.


End-user License Agreement


The MBI ETransactions module is edited by MB Informatique SARL (SIRET: 83434236200029), whose head office is located at 120 Rue de l'Île Napoléon 68170 Rixheim - Tel. : 03 67 262 242. This End-user License Agreement legally frame the use of the services of the MBI ETransactions module.

MB Informatique SARL declines all responsibility for any viruses that may infect the User's computer equipment after use or access to this module.

The total guarantee of data security, integrity and confidentiality, whatever it is, is not guaranteed by MB Informatique SARL.

MB Informatique SARL cannot be held responsible for its use outside the legal framework.

This contract is valid for an indefinite period. The beginning of the use of the module's services marks the application of the contract with regard to the User.