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Asset management

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Asset management

Manage your eaquipment fleet



Module version :  auto
 Compatibility with Dolibarr auto à auto



The Gestion de Parc module allows you to manage and monitor the status of a fleet of equipment within DOLIBARR.

Take advantage of the most comprehensive fleet management tool for :

  • Provide a dedicated dashboard for your technicians,
  • View a representation of your installation,
  • Generate a PDF summary sheet per equipment/application.
  • Follow the life cycle of your equipment,
  • Centralise technical and commercial information,Ensure consistency between your contracts & your inventory (requires CONTRACT PLUS).

Our clients are in the fields of : 

  • medical, IT and industrial maintenance, 
  • in the distribution of machinery for the food sector,
  • of the service provision,
  • rental (offices, agricultural vehicles, vehicles of all kinds)


The main features are listed below:

  • Link a piece of equipment, an application with a contact,
  • Linking a device, an application with an Intervention
  • Linking a device, an application with a Ticket,
  • Linking a piece of equipment, an application to the calendar and to events,
  • Location and geolocation of equipment,
  • Complete management of access rights,
  • Storage of identifiers / passwords,
  • Import function from CSV/XML file Inter-object links to understand interactions,
  • Generation of a PDF summary sheet for each equipment / application,
  • Languages FR / EN.

Creation of different types of objects :


  • Equipment
  • Users / Locations
  • Applications
  • Addresses
  • Authentications

Add 6 different tabs to the third parties:

  • Park Status
  • Users / Locations
  • Applications
  • Addresses
  • Authentifications


the installation of H2G2 is required for all our modules :



Included in the Dolistore offer:

  • Access to updates for 6 months
  • Bug fixes

Not included in the offer :

  • Help with the installation and initialization of the module
  • User training

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Download the module archive file
Go to the menu :

Submit the zip / The module is now available and can be activated.


Download the new .zip file
available on the Dolistore module sheet following an update.

Our modules are not yet compatible with php 8