Improve your Dolibarr experience with this compilation of premium tools by altairis !

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Dolibarr experts since 2006



  Editor : Altairis
Licence: GPL V3
Dolibarr : from v14.x.x



The Dolitools module improves your orders, invoices, stocks management, sells, etc.

With this compilation of tools developped by Altairis, you will be able to :

  • Add a button to update the prices of your documents if they have been changed on their products/services page
  • Manage global discount : Change the discount on every lines of a document
  • Display available stock
  • Export your Dolibarr lists' as Excel files

Customize your theme :

  • Change the colors of your theme
  • Use sticky header : Keep header menu visible during scroll.
  • Use sticky button tab : Always display action buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  • Fix all card header : Enable to keep all card headers visible when scrolling down
  • Fix lists column headers : Enable to keep all card headers visible when scrolling down
  • Display customer private note on commercial documents
  • Colorize selected lines in lists
  • Choose the maximum number of tabs visible in cards (product, thirdparties, ...)
  • Use a specific background image on login page
  • Remove margins around menus

Customize your templates :

  • Display stock on product lines
  • Use mass delete lines functionnality : Allow to select and delete lines in documents
  • Display prices on line input
  • Display margin informations on lines
  • Display supplier reference in supplier prices list select field
  • Display discounted unit price on lines
  • Display unit price with taxes on lines
  • Display and manage line numbers
  • Hide the supplier's reference in supplier documents
  • Display complementary attributes in columns instead of lines
  • Edit all fields at once on customer draft documents

Manage your custom references in your proposals, orders, invoices and shipping :

  • Do not use "PROV" reference system
  • Allow customize suffix on clone
  • Keep suffix inside workflow

This module works with the sous-total module.

Video presentation of Dolitools :


Support and assistance

Buying this module gives you access to one year of corrective maintenance. This corrective maintenance does not include help to use the module or user support, only bugs correction, providing good use of the module as intended, and within the compatible version of Dolibarr.

For any inquires, you can open a ticket via our support page.

Installation and updates

Download the archive .zip of the module.

  • Manual deployment: Unzip the archive to the /htdocs/custom directory of your dolibarr installation.
  • Assisted deployment : Upload the archive directly to your Dolibarr from the Configuration > Modules/Applications, Deploy/Install Plug-in tab.

The module can then be activated (/) and configured ().

Before any installation or updates, please make sure that the module is officially compatible with your version of Dolibarr.

Availability of updates

The latest versions of our modules can be found on Dolistore and our own website.

Access to updates of our modules is free for 1 year as from the purchase date.