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The module automatically generates data exports and sends them by email according to the settings saved in the module's admin. Automatically send each month the export of your invoices to your accountant for example.

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Export auto by email

➦ Editor : Inovea Conseil
➦ Version : auto
➦ Compatibility : Dolibarr auto - auto
➦ Languages : FR EN

Module description

The module allows to define the export model to be automatically created, to define the periodicity and the recipients of the email that will be sent. It is based on the export function, native of Dolibarr...
The module will automatically create the parameterized exports, according to the registered periodicity, and send this export by email to the specified recipients, according to the registered email template...
The module allows to manage the sending frequency of the exports and thus to use the same request every month, every day...
Example, for a monthly periodicity, any sending in the month of March, will take the data of the past month, namely February - for a weekly periodicity, the data of the last week...


  • You will find attached the module documentation
  • Documentation (FR )


Purchase includes :

  • User guide
  • Access to 6 month updates
  • Corrective maintenance in the event of a proven malfunction

Purchase does not includes :

Support & Assistance Inovea Conseil

If you notice a malfunction of the module, access the support link below with all the information necessary to process your request :

  • Module version and Dolibarr version ?
  • Detailed problem encountered: when does it occur ?
  • How to reproduce it ? (with screenshot)

Remember to read the user documentation before sending us a request ! You may find your answer there.

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