Sirene 7.0.x - 16.0.x



Automatic refilling of third party cards by search from Company Name, French SIRET, SIREN, ZIP Code from INSEE's Sirene Directory API.

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For its proper functioning, the Sirene module requires the installation and activation of the AdvanceDictionaries module downloadable for free on dolistore at the following address: Dolistore - AdvanceDictionaries Module


  • Editor: Open-DSI
  • Module Version: v7.0.46
  • Compatibility: Dolibarr 7.0.x - 16.0.x


  • User guide (FR )

    All informations are on the above document.




  1. Download the archive folder (.zip) from
  2. Unzip the archive in the directory /htdocs/custom of your dolibarr.
  3. Module can then be enabled (), set up () if necessary from the setting page and then run.

Corrective Maintenance

No support for use or installation is provided. For this you will have to acquire a time credit on our online shop.
Acquisition of the module via Dolistore is subject to corrective maintenance for one year from the date of acquisition. As such, the anomalies reported on our incident management platform will be handled by our support team. The declaration of anomaly must be carried out online.


Updates and availability

Corrective updates of the module will be published on the dolistore.


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