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    Zweck: - Reservematerial (Produkte oder Artikel) - Weisen Sie das Material einem Dritten oder einem Ansprechpartner zu - etablieren Sie eine einfache und konsequente Follow-up. - Verwalten Sie die Liste des Materials, das auf die Wiederherstellung wartet (Anzahl der verbleibenden Tage) - Verwalten Sie die Liste der Materialien nach Kategorien.

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    It will allow you to manage your recovery procedure to follow your backlog. You will therefore be possible to customize your steps and adapt to each customer (Email reminder, sending mail ...).

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    PDF generation of:(EN) ISR : Orange Inpayment Slip with Reference number(IT) PVR : Polizza di Versamento arancione con numero di Riferimento(DE) ESR : Oranger Einzahlungsschein mit Referenznummer(FR) BVR : Bulletin de Versement orange avec numéro de Réf

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    The TeamView module implements the Kanban representation for Dolibarr objects. the module is in the form of a visual system of process management which indicates what to produce, when to produce it and in what quantity, It also makes it possible to visualize the evolution of the state of the objects in a clear and intuitive way. The states are...

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    Das Modul für das öffentliche Beschaffungsmanagement, Ausschreibungen und Bestellungen vereinfachen die Verwaltung von Verträgen von der Angebotsphase bis zur endgültigen Vertragsannahme. In diesem Modul finden Sie folgende Verwaltung: - das Management der Wettbewerber, des Auftragnehmers, der Belege und der Einlagen - Marktverwaltung mit: SERVICE...

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    Module adding a tab to a project card to manage tasks via a scrum board. Included features to update easily task progress (percentage, progress, etc.) !!! New in version V2 : add / delete, rename, activate / deactivate column; sprint management; link between the task and its original object.

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    Stop making bank reconciliation manually ! Download your statement onto your bank website and import it with the bank import module. After comparing Dolibarr bank transactions and the ones from the statement, the module automatically makes the reconciliation. If one statement is missing, this new version of the module allows you to search the matching...

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    Subtotal V3 allows you to define easily titles and subtitles on your proposals / orders / invoices. This new version allows the moving blocks ! See all the features in the documentation (management of the "not included" blocks, VAT to the block ...) !

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    Facturepar Plus is an extension of Facturepar that adds multicurrency management in its invoice document models homard_devise and crevette_devise and proposal document model ciel_devise.

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    Query allows you to create your query, to group panels and display your reports with a suitable display (lists, histogram, pie, ...). This module requires SQL knowledge for creating queries and Admin system for generating PDF.

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    This allow to manage commercial agents commissions; commissions are calculated on turnover or on margin and are based on orders,  on invoices or on payments (full or partial).

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    Adds the ability to perform electronic invoices according to the regulations Argentina . Minimal modifications to the CORE. Any cuestion

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